The typical narrative of Africa is of a continent mired in abject poverty, war and famine.  African women in particular are represented as oppressed victims. NDINI is designed to be the largest multimedia collection of stories about African women. These are stories of groundbreakers, trailblazers. innovators and achievers from across the Africa continent.  NDINI is designed to be a platform to entertain, inform, inspire and empower through showcasing the achievements of African women.  

Rugby has long been considered a violent, barbaric sport. Gotham Knights is a violent, barbaric rugby club... with a difference...the only one in New York whose players predominantly and openly identify as gay. In a world rife with stereotypes, the Knights dispel the notion that gay men... can't be 'manly men.'

Queens & Knights was selected from almost 1,000 entries as the winning sports story by NBC Sports for their CPTR'D Contest

In the fashion industry, the majority are the minority.  'Plus-size' is virtually invisible in mainstream fashion, despite 65 percent of American women being size 14 or larger.  PLUS! is a short documentary I filmed, edited and produced, that tells the story of five women trying to change that.

PLUS! was awarded a 2016 Gracie Award, and has screened at several festivals including DocFest '15Socially Relevant Film FestivalDepth of Field International Film Festival and African American Women in Cinema International Film Festival.