Find your purpose in this life. Ask one fundamental question - what is it that makes me come alive. When you find that which makes you come alive, you will realize it’s a gift, it’s a talent that you were born with. Then you realise that it needs to be shared. And that’s where the sacredness comes into play, because it’s no longer about you - it’s about others.
— Tererai Trent (32).jpg

I’m a storyteller, filmmaker and entrepreneur.  Storytelling is my absolute passion.  I grew up listening to my grandmothers telling folktales or 'ngano' as they are know in my mother tongue of Shona.  And the phrase "Sandra talks too much" appeared often on my school report cards. 

I’ve travelled a very atypical path to end up here. I'm a business graduate and a serial entrepreneur. 

But like I said, I love storytelling. That passion led me to Columbia Journalism School, where I rediscovered my purpose, and honed my storytelling skills using video, audio and words.


Every day I want to be able to answer the questions:

Did I live?

Did I love?

Did I make a difference?


My mission is to use my skills to tell African stories.  I want to show a different side to Africa than what’s typically portrayed in the media.  And so I’m launching a multimedia platform called ‘NDINI’.  I’m using my voice to help inspire and empower African women to live their highest visions, and to create better futures for themselves and their communities. 

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been insatiably curious about people. 

I love talking to people! I love asking them questions, and I especially love when I ask a question they've never been asked before, or one that makes then really think. 

If you still want more, here's my official bio: